UnitedHealthcare is waiving cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment; continuing to expand access to telehealth. Learn more.

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COVID-19 Telehealth Services

Last update: April 3 2020, 8:28 p.m. CDT

Starting March 18, 2020, UnitedHealthcare expanded our policies around telehealth services for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial members. In addition, effective on March 31, 2020 until June 18, 2020, we will also waive cost sharing for in-network telehealth visits for medical, outpatient behavioral and PT/OT/ST, with opt-in available for self-funded employers.

Expanded Provider Telehealth Access

UnitedHealthcare is waiving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) originating site restriction and audio-video requirement for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial members from March 18, 2020 until June 18, 2020. Eligible care providers can bill for telehealth services performed using interactive audio/video or audio only, except in the cases where we have explicitly denoted the need for interactive audio/video such as with PT/OT/ST, while a patient is at home.  

COVID-19 Testing Related Telehealth Visits

From March 18, 2020 and throughout this national emergency, we will waive member cost sharing for in-network and out-of-network COVID-19 testing related telehealth visits, including both interactive audio/video and audio only.

NEW! Cost Share Waived for In-Network Telehealth Services

We will also waive cost sharing for in-network telehealth services for medical, outpatient behavioral and PT/OT/ST services from March 31, 2020 until June 18, 2020 for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Individual and Group Market fully insured health plans, with opt-in available for self-funded employers.

For medical and outpatient behavioral telehealth visits, providers can utilize both interactive audio/video and audio-only. For PT/OT/ST provider visits, interactive audio/video technology must be used. For more details on PT/OT/ST, please click here.

Cost sharing will be waived for in-network telehealth visits. According to plan benefits, out-of-network providers also qualify for telehealth. Member benefit and cost sharing will apply, if applicable.

Telehealth Services for Behavioral Health

For information on telehealth for providers on Optum Behavioral Health, refer to providerexpress.com.


A visit with the provider who uses an audio-video or audio-only telecommunications system.

Virtual Check-Ins

A brief check-in with the provider using a recorded video and/or images submitted by the patient.

Electronic Visits

Communication between a patient and his/her provider through an online patient portal.

PT, OT and ST Telehealth

Specific CPT® codes are eligible for reimbusement.

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The benefits described on this website describe federal requirements and UnitedHealthcare national policy. Additional benefits may be available in some states and under some plans.