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Document Vault and Paperless Delivery Options

With Document Vault, You Can:

  • Access reports
  • View claim letters for most UnitedHealthcare Commercial and Medicare plan members
  • Get prior authorization letters for UnitedHealthcare Commercial, Medicare and UnitedHealthcare West plan members
  • Search and filter letters
  • Flag items for convenient viewing
  • Download and print documents

Available Reports and Letters

  • Claim letters for most UnitedHealthcare commercial and Medicare members
  • Prior authorization letters for UnitedHealthcare commercial, UnitedHealthcare Medicare and UnitedHealthcare West members

Claim letters are available for the following plans:

  • Medicare 
  • UnitedHealthcare Commercial 

Letter Types Available


  • Additional information needed
  • Authorization of therapy services
  • Claim acknowledgements
  • Claim reconsiderations responses
  • Medicaid – non-covered service
  • Overpayment reimbursement request
  • Resubmit to correct payer


  • Additional information needed

Storage Period

  • Letters are available in Document Vault for six months and available in claimsLink for 18 months.

Letters are organized in folders so you can easily find what you’re looking for:

  • Commercial Claim Letters
  • Commercial Prior Authorization Letters
  • Medicare Claim Letters
  • Medicare Prior Authorization Letters

You can sort letters or search by these fields:

  • Document name
  • Creation date
  • Claim  number
  • Date of service
  • Employee name
  • Expiration date
  • Member ID number
  • Member name
  • Policy date
  • Policy Number
  • Provider
  • Tax ID number


A user guide, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and report information are available within Document Vault on Link. To access these resources, go to Document Vault > My Documents area > then click on the Documentation & Reference folder.

Video Tutorials & Instructor-Led Webinars

What Can You See in Document Vault?

Document Vault uses your Optum ID to identify you as a member of your organization and to determine your role. You will only see the reports and correspondence that someone at your organization with your role is authorized to see. 

If you use Document Vault to access claim letters, your Link Password Owner may turn off delivery of paper copies in the mail.

The Paperless Delivery Options tool can send daily or weekly email notifications to alert you when new letters have been added to your Document Vault. With our flexible delivery options, you decide when and where the emails are sent for each type of letter.

The Paperless Delivery Options tool is only available to Link Password Owners.

Learn more about Paperless Delivery Options.

Prior Authorization and Notification Letters are available for the following plans:

  • Medicare
  • UnitedHealthcare Commercial 
  • UnitedHealthcare West

Letter Types Available

  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Additional information needed

Storage Period

  • Letters are available in Document Vault for six months.

Static report documents appear in the My Documents section on the Document Vault home page. You can navigate through folders to access these reports or search for reports based on criteria such as creation date, TIN or claim number.