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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Coverage Summaries

The Coverage Summaries, corresponding update bulletins, and related Medical Benefit Injectable Policies for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans are listed below.

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Quick Tip: Embedded Document Files in Policy PDFs

Many of our policies include embedded documents within the PDFs to help provide you with the best information possible. To open an embedded document please save a copy of the policy PDF to your local desktop then double-click on the embedded document icon to open.

A monthly notice of recently approved and/or revised UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Coverage Summaries is provided below for your review. We publish a new announcement on the first calendar day of every month.

The appearance of a health service (e.g., test, drug, device or procedure) in the Coverage Summary Update Bulletin does not imply that UnitedHealthcare provides coverage for the health service. In the event of an inconsistency or conflict between the information provided in the Medicare Advantage Coverage Summary Policy Update Bulletin and the posted policy, the provisions of the posted policy will prevail.

These policies provide additional information on medical benefit injectables addressed in the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Coverage Summaries.


Current Coverage Summaries

For questions, please contact your local Network Management representative or call the Provider Services number on the back of the member’s health ID card.